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Monatomic gold, rhodium and iridium


This alchemy is designed for those who want to gain a higher level of consciousness by enhancing IQ. Gold, rhodium and iridium are the only ingredients in this special blend, which, as has been proven, is great for brain activity and metabolic acceleration.


With this precise elixir, designed by David Hudson, the effectiveness of Trinity is very deep.


Spinal cord is a huge network of nervous system parts. If we focus on our body to get what it needs and even at the highest level, and to recover from injuries, medical debacles and sleep deficiency, Trinity is now available to take advantage of the immense possibilities of body and to improve them. By focusing on how the body uses its own electricity, Trinity with the three basic elements of rhodium, iridium and gold offers countless benefits.


Acceleration of metabolism is up to 40%, it is not transmitted by the blood stream that is filtered by the kidneys. A common problem with daily dietary supplements is the loss of their effect on the body caused by weakening their efficacy by filtration through the kidneys.


The increase in energy follows acceleration of metabolism. With the natural growth of heart rate, without sugar or caffeine, it increases life energy, creates, renews and improves, with the very natural elements of the Earth.


Trinity is damaged by EMP (electromagnetic pulse) radiation

Monatomic elements are very sensitive to EMP radiation (radio frequency - including Wi-Fi / TV and microwave and your mobile phone), so always put the product back into the protective box after you use it.


This product is completely protected against all EM radiation by its own Faraday cage (metal box) in the picture below, which completely protects the monatomic elements from the surrounding magnetic smog.



The light radiation of biophotons through monatomic elements is the zero point radiation. It affects the matter and its manifestations. It is the light from which our material universe and all the life in it originated. And since we are primarily concerned with DNA, absolute health and spiritual transformation, we have to realize that if we use the monatomic elements internally, even one DNA-bound atom has an effect.

Trinity contains

Monatomic Gold, Rhodium, Iridium, Trace Boron, Trace Selene and Trace Phosphorus


Gold, thanks to its energy conductivity, improves the flow of internal energy, especially along the spine and the erector spinae. Gold found and finds use in allopathic medicine in the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic diseases, cases of multiple sclerosis, sexual function disorders (both men and women) as well as endocrine system disorders and nervous disorders. In the last century, gold was used to treat alcohol addiction.

Rhodium and iridium work is similarly, that they can be called twins. Both are found in the brain and it is currently known that about 5% of the dry weight of the substance contained in the brain is formed by rhodium and iridium in this transient state. Like gold and silver, rhodium and iridium help to make neural circuits in synaptic connections more efficient. Using these elements results in greater clarity and strength of the brain which makes multitasking much easier and more natural. They also increase the liveliness of dreams and help with recalling of dreams.

In terms of research, Iridium is very young compared to many of its sister metals. Iridium has the features of sleep support by enriching the REM sleep cycle. Rapid absorption properties of Iridium support rapid effects for synaptic help and are even a strong antioxidant. Iridium is often used together with Rhodium as their combination increases the power of each of these metals.


Further information

The dosage is one pipette twice a day, drop under your tongue - please do not exceed the mentioned dosage, the elements are highly concentrated

When you take monatomic elements, never ingest baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Baking soda changes the magnetic field of the m-elements to the opposite polarity, from + to - and thus the elements stop being effective or they rather act differently than we need.








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