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content 30 ml concentration 500 ppm



Product no.: 607
Manufacturer: colloidalgold.eu
Volume: 30ml
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Potential Health Benefits of Rhodium
Often paired with, gold, iridium, and ruthenium and found in bio-available sources (animal brains, carrot juice, concord grape juice, aloe vera).


Has been associated with the thymus gland


It has been reported that Ingesting rhodium over an extended period may cause a growth in the thymus gland. The thymus Gland has been reported to produce the T-cells which guards the body against all parasites, viruses, and tumors


May help in building a strong immune system that may enhance the body when treating HIV/AIDS


May be the ultimate stabilization factor, protector and for chronic invasive disease and out of control cells that create tumors.​ ​

The silent enabler. Rhodium shares similar qualities with Iridium for REM, Synaptic and Antioxidant capacities, more importunately is Rhodium magnifies the bodies natural capabilities to experience and form memories. Very popular with hypnotic, frequency and energy therapy, Rhodium adds to the foundation for self discovery and enlightenment.
Rhodium has been used in the treatment of cancers, and have been found by scientists from Japan to have Antioxidant effects on free radicals, these two elements along with other have also been found in many plants, fruits and vegetables particularly grapes.    This is a powerful Free Radical Neutralizer.  Free Radicals are what cause the human body to decay, breakdown and susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.





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