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When we talk about the brain, we have to talk about electricity and nerves. Our lights in our house only come on if we have the correct electricity to them. Our brain only functions well if we have the right electrical impulses sent to our muscles on good insulated wires. And along the way, if the carrier is damaged or broken, like a broken wire in our house, we short out. The brain and nerves are covered by a protective fat, just like the wires in you house are covered by a plastic coating. This fat contains lecithin and manganese and other minerals. This fat is like the covering on the wires in your house. If a mouse chews of the covering, the wires may short out. If the fat on your brain and nerves does not get the right minerals, it gets thin and can short out your nerves.


Manganese is one of the minerals that help preserve that fat. It gives us strong nerves, coordination of thoughts and produces elasticity with quick recuperative ability. Manganese is required for bone metabolism and in many enzyme reactions. Some of the other minerals that support the brain are phosphorus, silver, iron and gold.


Manganese can be found in the body linings and connective tissues. it may help to increases eyesight, enhances the body's own recuperative powers, improves memory and enhances resistance to sickness.


Manganese, has a large impact on a person's mental activities, it helps to be under control rather than unruly and chaotic. Boy, maybe you could give it to teenagers and my four year old.


Manganese makes up part of a molecule known as mucopoly-saccharides. Mucoploy-saccharides are used to form collagen, the fibrous connective material that builds tissues throughout the body. This includes bone and cartilage and the cushions between the bones especially in the knees and chest. The mesh of collagen is the framework on which calcium, magnesium and other bone hardening minerals are deposited. "Manganese is used in energy production and is required for normal bone growth and for reproduction. In addition, it is used in the formation of cartilage and synovial (lubricating) fluid of the joints. It is also necessary for the synthesis of bone.


The blood is made up of more than just iron, it has manganese also. It functions much like iron. It carries oxygen from the lungs to the cell, but iron is still needed. Manganese is part of the structure of the fragile ear bones and joint cartilage. With out Manganese it is impossible to maintain good health. Repetitive Stress Injury or Repetitive Motion Syndrome stem from loss of manganese.


Ok, so manganese is one of the less heard of minerals but it is very important. So how do you get manganese? High Energy nano manganese is the smallest form of manganese today. It is cell ready. That means that High Energy nano manganese is in specs smaller than the human cell. It does not have to be digested to enter the blood and cells like other supplements do. You body does not have to waste time and energy getting manganese to a useable point. So you body can spent that time using the manganese to repair and rebuild.



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