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A List of Potential Benefits of Iridium

Born in the heart of a Super Nova, Iridium that's found on earth has many beneficial attributes

It's the densest element known and requires tremendous heat to melt it

Reportedly used as an aid in treating cancer

Displays powerful antioxidant properties which confer anti-aging benefits

May improve cellular metabolism. This, in turn, allows your cells to be corrected so the can divide faster and better

Has been reported to also enhance mental acuity (especially when combined with gold)

Has been attributed to encouraging normal cell functioning

Reported to induce higher states of awareness and may enhance meditative states

May even helps make you feel lighter, more energetic while needing less sleep

Iridium may assist with rapid recovery of injuries from t. 

Some individuals have reported greater sensitivity with higher frequency energies


Fighting Aging, Cancer and mental decay with iridium supplements

As pollution increases and chemical supplements seem to be doing more harm than good, we are all looking forward to something which can defy age and fight free radicals the natural way. Say hello to iridium. This is one of the rarest elements found on earth and is categorized amongst the 6 platinum group elements. 

So why does everyone want to lay their hands on a colloidal iridium mineral supplement? For starters, this amazing antioxidant is a very powerful free radicals neutralizer. As we all know, free radicals cause maximum damage to our systems leading to disease, decay and break down. Regular use of monoatomic iridium can actually revert the aging and decaying of the body, leading to healthier people.

According to some research, about 5% of the brain’s dry weight is made up of different forms of iridium. Adding an iridium supplement to your daily routine would improve neurological functions such as focus and concentration.


As a cellular metabolism booster, a monatomic iridium mineral supplement is unparalleled. With regular usage, it gives the user a better memory, improved mental alertness, etc. as a result of regeneration of the neurological tissues. A more efficiently performing neural circuitry means clearer thinking, a healthier and stronger brain, and a more efficient person, at ease even with complex multitasking.

So how does one take an iridium supplement? Mostly obtained from platinum ores, in their purest form the human body would find it tough to benefit from them. So they are reduced to atom-particles and these Monatomic Iridium minerals are what is easily bio-absorbable and used by humans to increase their up flow of energy, through the spinal column, direct to the brain. A monatomic iridium mineral supplement consists of iridium atom and no iridium ions. This is a non-prescription dietary supplement and has no reported side effects or drug interactions. Iridium mineral supplement is basically Monatomic Iridium suspended in distilled water. This is a core mineral, and so has an infinite shelf life, too. 

Anybody looking at boosting their cellular metabolism and moving the body away from its predisposition to disease can benefit from this fantastic non-chemical supplement called Monatomic Iridium. Not only does it support healthy tissue regeneration, when used regularly, iridium mineral supplement can actually show improved mental acuity and sharper neurological faculties. We’re all scared of aging badly. Iridium supplements may just be the antidote to all aging woes. 

Iridium-192 is also used medically in brachytherapy to treat various types of cancer. (Brachytherapy is a method of radiation treatment in which sealed sources are used to deliver a radiation dose at a distance of up to a few centimeters by the surface, intracavitary, or interstitial application.) Iridium-192 implants are used especially in the head and breast.








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