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Chromium is one of the minerals involved in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. The Chromium Mineral is often referred to as the master regulator of insulin.

Big hint here. Insulin ... Blood sugar levels ..... Cravings ...... Diabetes. It is important to replace chromium on a daily basis. Chromium levels tend to decrease with age.


What does Chromium Do?


Chromium may help with metabolism of glucose (sugar), Neurotransmitters, Brain function, Insulin performance, Thyroid function, Hormonal balance. Most women experience cravings when their hormones are out of balance. I guess for that fact, so do men. I think we just think of women as more hormonal.


Chromium is an essential mineral that is required in the maintenance of our health.  Chromium is a trace element essential to the metabolism of lipids (cholesterol), glucose, and insulin regulation. Chromium is involved in the production of insulin and the release of glucose's energy from cells.


When I eat sugar, chocolate or candy,it makes me tired and then my ears start to ring.


Why is that so?


First, chromium is depleted and goes out with the urine. Then without enough chromium, my bood sugar dips and I get real tired. Then when I am over tired, my ears start to ring. Using chromium can usually stop my ears from ringing in about 20 minutes. Some of the other minerals that help in blood sugar regulation are Vanadium, Chromium and Zinc . Taking enough chromium may also help to reduce the craving for those sweets. A little will power might play an important role there too. Minerals and health foods can only work as well as you let them by exercising self control. There are no magic bullets to solve health problems.


"Enzymes that are implicated in the metabolism of glucose, for energy and for the formation of fatty acid and cholesterol compounds, are stimulated by chromium. The performance of insulin is enhanced by chromium, enabling more efficient transfer of glucose to cells." 39 Chromium is referred to as the master regulator of insulin, a potent metabolic hormone involved in protein, carbohydrates and fat metabolism.


Weight Loss


Weight loss is promoted when chromium is taken. Just the plain mineral chromium. Not chromium polynicotinate or chromium picolinate which may have side effects because they are not pure chromium. Real, pure chromium helps in insulin regulation promotes T3, the thyroid hormone that increases the rate of the body's ability to burn calories. Pure chromium also promotes serotonin, a neurotransmitter that controls the appetite and curbs cravings for sugar. Thus chromium is the mineral for cravings.


Chromium deficiencies may lead to a wide variety of clinical diseases and shortened life span. Most people have a diet that does not contain sufficient amounts of chromium because of the depletion of vital minerals in our soil. Chromium deficient diseases are aggravated by vanadium deficiency.  Growing your own vegetables like I do may not be an option with your busy schedule or that fact that you live in a city. Angstrom liquid minerals help provide quality minerals to those who cannot grow their own food.


Since 60% of Americans are diabetic or hypoglycemic, it proves that this society lacks chromium. Scientists estimate that 90% of Americans don't get enough chromium."Since chromium helps insulin work better, it may also raise the blood sugar levels in people with low blood sugar,as shown in studies by researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture." 40


Chromium is excreted in urine and sugar loads increase the rate of chromium loss by 300% in 24 hours. Therefore, we need to replace chromium daily. Other common activities that use up your chromium are hard exercise, hard work and eating too many sweets. Do we notice a pattern here?



Why Nano Chromium?


As mentioned before, there is a big craze in the weight loss world to take chromium. But the forms of chromium being sold may actually be harmful to your health. We all want a "kill all pill". A complete vitamin so we don't have to think about our health. Just give me all of the minerals at once and then I feel protected. SORRY ! It does not work that way! Some minerals are better taken alone. Like copper and others. All minerals are best in thier pure form. No ate, ite or other chemical name endings. High energy nano minerals are special minerals. This nano size means they are cell ready, small enough to enter the cell without carriers, flow agents oth other chemical attached. High energy nano minerals are made with a special process, (No, we won't tell you how we do It!) that allows us to have pure mineral in water. Nothing else. Choose the best, Choose High energy nano Chromium.




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