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Volume: 30ml
Provedení: 1000 ppm
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List of Potential Health Benefits of Boron


May help to alleviate and reduce symptoms associated with arthritis and osteoporosis

May help to reduce menopausal symptoms

Can influence some of the blood clotting factors in the body

May enhance testosterone levels in weightlifters and athletes

Improves the natural ability of the body to absorb calcium and magnesium

The only element that can neutralize and dissolve calcified fluoride and other forms of fluoride.

Works in unison with calcium to strengthen the bones 

May assist with Hyperthyroidism issues and may promote a more balanced thyroid gland

May assist in restoring and maintain a normal sex hormone balance

May improve the production of estrogen in menopausal women

It can increase the level of natural sex hormones in the women’s body

May ease the symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats

Boron enhances brain function, eye-hand coordination

May assist with perfect short-term memory issues and the powers of concentration

Boron can help to reduce lipid accumulation and may assist with the removal of cholesterol

May reduce the allergenic and inflammatory conditions that are associated with rheumatoid arthritis

May provide protection for the body from parasitic attacks such as Candida Albicans and other fungal infections



Boron is a trace element metalloid, a material with both metallic and nonmetallic properties that is essential for normal and healthy growth of the body. 

Several conditions like Arthritis and Osteoporosis are more easily managed by the addition of Boron in a diet. Some reports also mention that it can reduce menopausal symptoms. It is believed that Boron improves the natural ability of the human body to absorb calcium and magnesium.  


How is that Boron is able to neutralize the harmful effects of Fluoride? Fluoride tends to calcify the pineal and the pituitary gland in the brain. It also tends to replace Calcium in the bones which leads to arthritic like symptoms.

So what can a person do to reverse such harmful effects?  The answer is, taking substances that have been shown to cancel out these harmful effects.  Boron is one such substance that has shown its effectiveness in this regards.

Negative side effects of ingesting Fluoride can cause harmful repercussions in the entire metabolism.

This may also affect the spiritual grown of an individual.
 Although the deficiency symptoms of Boron are not fully known, indications show that a boron deficiency may result in the abnormal metabolism of Calcium and Magnesium. 

Other symptoms of note; are hyperthyroidism, sex hormone imbalance, osteoporosis, arthritis and neural malfunction.
Boron is a trace element that is often overlooked by many individuals. However, it's important to include it in the daily health regimen to ensure a healthy and disease-free life.

There are numerous health benefits of Boron. Reports have mentioned successful treating of arthritis in more than 95% of cases. Significant improvement was noticed by effectively increasing calcium integration into the bone and cartilage. With increasing age, the bones become weak and porous and thus Boron can stem this deterioration by ensuring that calcium levels are maximized and used effectively in the body.

Some interesting facts about boron in the form of Borax are that jewelers use it when they are melting gold. It serves to take out impurities while the gold is being melted prior to the "casting" to make a jewelry piece.

How does this have anything to do with a person's body?  It is believed that Boron has similar properties in the body in regards to assisting with removing impurities.
Boron has been known to enhances the testosterone levels in males.  What does this mean to you as a man?

The answer to this is that by taking Boron your sex drive, sex interest and desires may increase exponentially. Once men find out about these effects of Boron, they will most likely take it every day just for this reason alone and gain the other benefits in addition to this. 

Due to these facts, it is increasingly popular among male bodybuilders and athletes, etc. Many weightlifters prefer to take Boron supplements to enhance their testosterone levels. Presently, there's no concrete evidence or explanations of these mechanisms which helps to make them more successful. 

Boron has been shown to greatly reduce the allergenic and inflammatory conditions that are typically associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The bone-building capacities of Boron are often ignored in comparison to Calcium. It actually works in unison with calcium to strengthen the bones and as we have already mentioned it helps to minimize the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. 

Boron has been reported to improve the production of estrogen in menopausal women.  This may aid in bringing back your sex drive within a few days of after taking this element. And, it may reduce the need for hormone replacement therapy or other pharmaceutical solutions. Boron is thought to be essential for reproduction and the development of the fetus.  Research with Boron is ongoing to gather more information and other properties are still be explored.

Some users of boron have found that it eased their symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats. These symptoms are typically associated with menopause and many women face them.

Trace mineral levels that are not maintained in postmenopausal women can often lead to hormonal imbalances. These imbalances, in turn, can cause damage to many important organs of the body, thus making the body weak. 

Boron plays an important role in maintaining cellular and organ membrane functions. It has been shown to be an aid in stabilizing the hormone receptors, that create other enzymes that also help stabilize the human body,  so, the body will operate more efficiently and stays in a healthier condition.  

Boron has been found to influence some of the blood clotting factors in the body. More thorough studies are needed to be done in relation these effects.  There are some reports showing it can alleviate the difficulties caused by congestive heart failure conditions. Boron may help to reduce lipid accumulation and enable the removal of cholesterol. This may reduce the chances of developing conditions like atherosclerosis and blood clots. It also may protect the body against strokes and heart attacks.

Boron may even assist in protecting the body from a host of parasitic attacks like Candida Albicans and other serious fungal infections. Studies have shown that Boron enhances brain function, eye-hand coordination, short-term memory and the powers of concentration. Boron may inhibit some harmful enzymes from forming or acting, while simultaneously serving as a co-factor for other beneficial enzymatic reactions.



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