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Colloidal Gold

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Colloidal Gold


Colloidal gold, the true elixir of vitality and a source of natural energy, removes energy blockages, and thus gives the body a great potential for self-healing. If we take into consideration that the information flow in the organism is based mainly on the flow of electrons, we can assume how this state can be affected by the electrical properties of this precious metal. If a person is ill and his/her energy is blocked, these blockages are released by colloidal gold, the energy is stable and balanced and the recovery process can be started. Research has shown that gold can improve the conductivity and thus the DNA information flow by up to 10,000 times. This also means that the DNA in each individual cell may have a higher amount of available energy(more than 1 million electrons / s). Colloidal gold acts as a regulator of the electron flow along the spine, eventually along erector spinae up to the double helix DNA level. Since electrically charged particles of gold are stored in cells, their nuclei and DNA molecules, they increase the overall conductivity of organic substances. In addition, gold enhances the absorption of nutrients and improves the biomolecular functions, ie the metabolic processes of the body. Gold activates the epiphysis (pineal gland).


Benefits of using colloidal gold


strengthens the immune system

has a great impact on overall health and greatly improves it

facilitates the absorption of nutrients

adjusts and normalizes blood pressure

regenerates tissues including the vascular system

creates elastic, wrinkle-free skin

harmonises the activity of endocrine glands, acts centripetally

increases intelligence - Scientists have found that using colloidal gold for four weeks increases IQ by up to 20 points

helps to treat cancer, improves and prolongs life, relieves pain

reduces the size of a tumor

improves appetite

is also used to treat alcoholism, nicotine, medication and food addiction

treats rheumatism and other joint problems

relieves stress and tension

treats depression, harmonises complexly

encourages creativity and brisk thinking

improves brain activity and neural links to individual organs in the body

is used in the case of heart problems

improves memory

works to improve vision

cleans the body from toxic substances

increases spiritual consciousness and mental phenomena

enhances the production of neurotransmitters

increases metabolic rate and cell rejuvenation



Epiphysis "the third eye"


There is a special gland in the human body - the epiphysis (pineal gland). This gland is almost at the center of the head and is a significant factor of our consciousness and subconsciousness. The epiphysis has degenerated from its original size (about 3 cm in diameter) to today's size (ca. length 5-8mm, width 3-5mm and weight 80-500mg).


René Descartes (1596-1650) studied the epiphysis and came to the conclusion that the epiphysis is in connection with vision, which brought it much closer to today's new findings. We quote: "There is a small gland in the brain where the soul has more important functions than in any other organ in our body". It has now turned out that internal energy is led directly through the epiphysis center.


Today, this gland is seen as an "eye", which is allowed to see electromagnetic fields located in another frequency range. If we learn the ability of leading energy through the pineal gland again, we will be able to detect surrounding electromagnetic fields and thus we will improve our intuition. For most people, there is not enough energy that flows through this brain area because it is blocked. The result may be that we perceive the surrounding reality in a very limited way.


Gold can influence these electrical and after that also magnetic properties of the organism.


Gold can re-normalize electrical potential. If we supply the body and the brain with gold in this form, it

can significantly prolong our life and rejuvenate tissues.


Gold can nowadays play a significant role in the mental development of a human.


Gold is a substance that can create a direct connection with vital life force.



Colloidal gold is used in allopathic medicine in the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic conditions, cases of multiple sclerosis, disorders of sexual functions (men and women) as well as problems of the endocrine system and nervous system disorders. Gold has calming properties without an effect on the nerves themselves. COLLOIDAL GOLD AND PROBLEMS WITH ADDICTION. In the last century, gold was used to treat alcohol addiction. Earlier studies have shown that doses of gold have led to significant reductions of addiction. Patients who are addicted to medication, tobacco, or food can therefore greatly reduce their problem due to this unique gold property. The effect of colloidal gold in connection with addiction problems and depression consists of three factors: Gold activates and harmonizes the endocrine system, which leads to calming the nervous system and activating internal energy. This leads to an overall improvement of the internal setting and feeling (in our experience it significantly helps with sleep problems).


In his medical paper on incurable cancerous diseases, Edward H. Ochsner, M.D., B.S., F.A.C.S., surgeon of the Augustine Hospital, states that colloidal gold has a significant limiting effect on cancer growth. The scientific team around E.H. Ochsner found out that the colloidal gold helps to reduce the size of a tumor, eliminates pain, improves taste and digestion, and helps patients with gaining weight and strength. Gold activates and harmonizes the overall endocrine system - it can stimulate in particular the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. First of all, it balances trigger mechanisms that affect the function and response of individual glands. Due to its energy conductivity feature, the gold improves the flow of internal energy, especially along the spine and the erector spinae. Thanks to this, gold is not only a "catalyst" of internal energy but also a line for these energy flows.


Colloidal Gold – Use




Colloidal gold is used in allopathic medicine in the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic conditions, cases of multiple sclerosis, disorders of sexual functions (men and women) as well as problems of the endocrine system and nervous system disorders. Gold has calming properties without an effect on the nerves themselves.


General dosing


Colloidal gold is effective even at minimal doses! Preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, 15 - 20 min. before rating, hold it in your mouth for about 30 seconds before swallowing. Adults are advised to ingest two teaspoons of colloidal gold 10 ppm (do not use metal spoons), and we recommend using the "ACEROLA" supplement. For children, the dose can be reduced appropriately – to about a half.



Recommended initial treatment: Use daily 3 teaspoons of colloidal gold 10 ppm (we recommend a maximum of 30 ppm), one teaspoon of vitamin C and Acerola (according to the package leaflet). Do not ingest colloidal gold with vitamin C at one time. This treatment is recommended to be followed for at least 6 weeks. After completing it, follow the general dosage. Everyone quickly finds out how much colloidal gold their body demands to increase energy.



Activation of the endocrine system: Daily intake of 4 teaspoons of colloidal gold 20 ppm and one Acerola tablet. Not all at once. We recommend this dosage for at least 8 weeks. With this treatment, it is possible to achieve rapid activation and harmonization of the endocrine system and the connected energy centers. After finishing this treatment, follow the general dosage. For joint problems: 15 ml with 20 ppm 3 times a day and 1 Acerola tablet. Not all at once. We recommend this dosage until the symptoms disappear. After finishing this treatment, follow the general dosage.


(ACEROLA or Barbados cherry = fruits of tropical cherries containing the highest natural reserves of vitamin C. It contains 30 times more than e.g. oranges and 10 times more than black currant.)



How to recognize the true colloidal gold?



A lot of colloidal gold producers in the Czech Republic have never let their product checked in a certified laboratory to find out its true content, because no matter how I look, I never see the darker color (a strong ruby shade, like a gem) typical for real colloidal gold, which the colloidal gold, filled with gold particles of a size of several nanometers, really always has. So when you buy colloidal gold anywhere in the world, you can always use this simple proof of its true quality and high content of gold. It is true that gold, divided into small particles, may be colored like clear liquid (water), but here are golden particles of one or more angstrom size, which is a tenth of a nanometer. (in the Czech Republic no one sells this size (High-Energy nano Gold 500 ppm) or gold in the monatomic form (Ormus).


The reason why the true colloidal gold changes color in solution to red or even ruby color was discovered by scientists in the nineteenth century.



In colloidal solution there are so small particles of gold that they will not even drop to the bottom. They are constantly stirred up with thermal movement of water molecules. If we stir sand or mud in water, it will create sludge, sediment and it will soon settle to the bottom. But such a gold solution does not sediment. "



Therefore, scientists refer to these solutions as colloidal. Milk or egg white act similarly in water. Gold particles in colloidal solution are, however, so small that they literally play with light.



Imagine if we had a concert hall big like the width of a human hair, the colloidal gold particle would be as big as a clay ball in this comparison. Such a particle suddenly has its own frequency, like the whistle organ has its tone. In the case of colloidal gold, it turned out to have the same tone as the green color of light.


When the white daylight falls on colloidal gold, the particles "steel" its green component and a part of the blue one, resulting in the bloody or ruby color. This phenomenon is called the localized plasmon. In short, it's the transmission of light into electron vibrations on metallic nanoparticle.


Also other colloidal solutions of tiny metal particles have the described properties, of course. The silver particles vibrate at the "blue" frequency and therefore the metallic colloidal silver is yellow. Scientists have found that the shape and size of these nanoparticles also influence the resulting light properties. Filip Novotny compares them to musical instruments.


The bell and the triangle are both metal, but they have a different tone. Shorter organ whistles play in a high tone, huge wide whistles play in a deep tone. This is similar to gold nanoparticles that can be produced in different lengths. The shorter ones absorb blue light that has a shorter wavelength and a higher frequency. The longer particles absorb red color, which has a longer wavelength and a lower frequency. So we have the ability to make colloidal gold in more color shades. For human organisms, according to scientific conclusions, colloidal gold with a particle size of about 5 nm is appropriate, which corresponds to the dark ruby color of the solution.


The discovery that we owe it to nanoparticles is quite new. In reality, however, similar games with light are several centuries old. The colored glass in the stained glass windows was made by our ancestors by adding salts of various metals to the molten glass. Such colors never fade.


So, dear, be careful when buying colloidal gold, it should always have a similar color to the one in our picture, so you can simply verify the actual content of gold particles in the product and its quality.




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