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Introduction » Cosmetics » 100 ml hyaluronic acid serum facial acid


100 ml hyaluronic acid serum facial acid

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content: 100 ml
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100ML hyaluronic acid serum facial acido hialuronico bioaqua essence hyaluronik asit skin face serum beauty moisturizer

Usage: it can be used directly or with mask.

Multiple choices to meet your needs

Choose one: 15ML hyaluronic acid facial essence Choice two: coenzyme Q1030ML facial essence Choice three: hyaluronic acid 100ML facial essence Choose four: coenzyme Q1030ML facial essence +5PCS compression mask. Choice five: hyaluronic acid 100ML facial essence +20PCS compression mask Option six: the facial mask of hyaluronic acid 100ML can be used after using facial essence.

Natural MolsturlZlng Factor,NMF

INCI name : Sodium hyaluronate Source : Natural Features : Moisturizer


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is one of the main matrix components of human skin epidermis and dermis. Its physiological function is to make water enter the intercellular space and combine with protein to form protein gel, which means that cells stick together and play normal cell metabolism. To maintain cell water, protect cells from pathogens, accelerate recovery of skin tissue, improve wound healing and regeneration, reduce scars, enhance immunity, etc. Obtained from non-GMO fermentation, non-animal sources

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